Short Line Railroads

Car storage available at all locations.

The Frontier Rail Group includes six short line railroad businesses, which operate a total of 300 track miles in four states.

  • Handling carrier relationships with Union Pacific, BNSF, Norfolk Southern
  • Successful turnaround of low-density lines into long-term viable railroads through our focus on customer service and development
  • Contract operator of publically-owned railroads with strong track record of attaining grant funding for rehabilitation and upgrades

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Cincinnati East Terminal Railroad
Cincinnati, OH, connections to Norfolk Southern

Kennewick Terminal Railroad
Kennewick, WA, connections to BNSF/Union Pacific

Oregon Railconnect
Boardman, OR, connections to Union Pacific

Yakima Central Railway
Toppinish, WA, connections to BNSF

Columbia – Walla Walla Railway
Dayton, WA, connections to Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad (Watco)

Rainier Rail
Western Junction, WA, connections to BNSF, UP, and Puget Sound & Pacific (G&W)